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Story by Dairefris


The title of my story says it all but here are the details of my situation...My boyfriend and I dated for almost a decade. I always wanted to marry him but he said if we got married our relationship most likely would fall apart. So instead we have been living together with no plans of ever getting married. I was hoping he'd change his mind at some point but he did not budge.


I was not thrilled with this arrangement but since I'm no spring chicken I did not want to start out fresh with someone new. Instead I settled and made peace that we would be together always without the ceremony part. He treated me well and our relationship was good so I hung on to that and secretly hoped he'd change his mind one day.

Things took on a new turn a while back when police came to our door and searched the place for kiddie porn. We were both home at the time and I seriously thought it was all a big misunderstanding. Our computer was seized and my boyfriend was taken in for questioning and later arrested. The police found pictures of small children involved in sexual acts with adults, and other disturbing things as well. He was found to have been communicating with other known pedophiles over the web and exchanging pictures and information.

pedophileI was totally floored upon finding this out about the man I loved and trusted for all these years. It was kind of hard to believe he was capable of such a thing in the beginning but the police charged him so obviously they had plenty of evidence because he is doing time now. It makes me sick to my stomach knowing he was getting off on pictures and videos of little children involved in sexual acts. Now I know what he was up to late at night after I went to bed.

Worst part is he has children of his own from a previous relationship. He did not see them much anyways because their mom moved away to another state and I guess you could categorize him as a dead beat dad. It seems to me that him not being in his kids lives was a good thing because they avoided possibly being molested by him. 

He of course denies any wrong doing in the case against him but the state is making sure he stays off the streets so he's not able to act on his sick desires. I have not spoken to him or gone to see him because I am disgusted by his actions and want nothing to do with him ever again. 

I still have days when I wake up and think this was all a bad dream but then I realize it's real and I have to find the strength to move on. I have since moved out of our apartment and tried to start a new life. It hasn't been easy but each day the pain of his betrayal lessens and I'm glad to be rid of such a sick individual.



0 #107 wowbonny 2013-07-06 12:52
Quoting Charles:
You disgust me. In his time of need you wonder he did not want to marry you. He knew that he could not depend on you to stick by him through thick and thin. You deserve to be alone. You make me sick.

Hey nonse bucket how about you take your sick sorry ass back to the psychiatric unit and [censored]ing stay there. In this time of need? He should be hanged. Damn straight she left the pedo and I comend her for it. i found a pedo and he wants to be thank full he wasnt there when I did find it. And lady who posted I know things are hard but at least you aint this tosser
0 #106 Been hurt tooBeth 2012-09-04 18:13
I'm sorry to hear you've been through this, it's horrible and unfortunately I can say I've been through similar myself! :sad:

My last boyfriend seemed like a total gentleman, made me feel loved and cherished. I felt like he knew me better then anyone, we connected that well mentally, spiritually and physically. Being with him was euphoric to say the least!

Then the day came when he got a phone call from the cops early one morning, turns out he'd been arrested the year before we met, on suspicion of pedophilia, they'd seized his PC and all USB drives and recordable discs and held them pending investigation. Anyway, they called to say they were going to re-arrest him in a few days, to be ready to be taken again for questioning. He sat me down and dropped that bombshell on me and lied, trying to make out he'd been framed and that there was a conspiracy (I now know what a messed up fantasy world he lived in!) but it didn't add up...

He started to go crazy after that, he hit the drink and wouldn't stop! By the evening he'd gone through several bottles of wine and wouldn't stop - then he seemed to split - he turned dangerously violent all of a sudden. It was totally out of the blue, I'd never seen him like that before! He scared the hell outta me! :o

His attack left me battered and bruised, I'm lucky I managed to fight him off and defend myself. I was able to grab my bag and go and get help, I called the police and he was arrested for assaulting me that night. Unfortunately he was later released on caution, the police refused to charge him because I managed to fight him off! They seemed to think it wasn't severe enough to warrant court time?! :eek:

Needless to say I left him then and there, I've not seen him since though he has tried to contact me several times, I've just ignored him. He makes me feel sick, :-x I hate him for lying to me for all that time and for all the disgusting and violent things he's done! I think of him as dead, until he actually is - because the man I loved never existed! :cry:

I've since found out that he habitually beat his previous girlfriends too, though I was the 1st to fight back and get the police on him for his violence! :-|

It's been several months, but I still have nightmares that he's attacking me, I wake up at night screaming for him to stop. I spend so many nights crying myself to sleep. I feel like the guy I knew and loved has died - that he was made up so that this predator had a cover story! I know he's going to try to use our relationship to prove he's 'normal' But someone who does what he has and flips like that, is far from sane! :eek:

He's due at the local courts any time now for the paedophilia charges, I hope they have enough evidence to put him away for a long old time - he deserves to rot in hell for what he's done! 8)

- If you haven't already done so Dairefris, it's worth seeking out counseling from a local Domestic Abuse project. Your bf's actions count as a form of domestic abuse and there are many organizations set up to help people like us. They also take anonymous statistics regarding pedophiles to aid the police in their research in profiling these predators! :D I find it helps me recover, knowing that the information I give not only helps me to heal - but it helps others too, in more ways then I'll ever know.

Some good can at least come from this negative event Dairefris, and trust me, you will get over it and find love with someone once you've healed yourself for a while. :-) Since this happened to me I've found several other women who've gone through similar, they've talked with me and helped me such a lot! Their events happened quite some time ago, but they've coped and moved on with their lives, they continue to be good natured, loving, caring women and all have found love with decent people! If they can do it Dairefris, we sure as hell can! :lol:

Love and Light
+2 #105 hang in there girlkerriT 2012-03-26 22:39
That would make me sick too, I don't blame you for not wanting to be with him ever. A man that would harm a child like that is not a real man. You are doing the right thing, I would stay away from the creep!
0 #104 My life just fell apartAnonymous 2012-02-01 15:16
I recently found in my boyfriend's computer children's photos, they were only in undies and in small skirts. Even not explicit, I found that disturbing and put him out of the house. He searches all kinds of porn and said that he found that interest only a couple months ago but he always feels guilty and deletes them. We were thinking in having a child next year and i couldn't stand that idea, not without knowing for sure. Can he be considered a pedo, or am i just overreacting?

*Sorry for my english, it's not my first language...
+1 #103 !!!ReRe 2011-11-20 20:02
Quoting Charles:
You disgust me. In his time of need you abandoned him. No wonder he did not want to marry you. He knew that he could not depend on you to stick by him through thick and thin. You deserve to be alone. You make me sick.

Charles, you make ME sick. You are disgusting. Just because you are a friggin pedophile doesn't mean you have to bug us with your disgrace on the human population.

As a kid I have been raped and violated more times than I can count. I think sex offenders should get castrated.
0 #102 Don't Beat Yourself Upamnightus 2011-08-13 15:03
We all make mistakes. Can't change the past. No matter how old you are, you are never NEVER too old for love.

If you are too old to have your own children you can always adopt. Similarly, you can find another man and start a family together no matter how old you are.

Don't get hung up on this, forget it. Wipe it from your mind and heart and start over.

Wish you the best, good luck
-4 #101 PedophileJeffro 2011-05-27 13:48
Man, all you fools are trippin'. All I'm saying is that this guy is in prison now, where he will most likely be sodomized. Hopefully he enjoys it.
+5 #100 RE: Found out Boyfriend is a PedophileSHELLY 2011-04-13 06:40
Quoting Charles:
You disgust me. In his time of need you abandoned him. No wonder he did not want to marry you. He knew that he could not depend on you to stick by him through thick and thin. You deserve to be alone. You make me sick.

You Charles are a very disturbed individual. How dare you put this woman down who is obviously a victim here. You too fit the profile of a pedophile. Hopefully there is a way for the police to run your ISP address so they can check you out and keep an eye on you too. Until then, I suggest if you feel so strongly about the fact that this woman should have stood by her pedophile boyfriend, why don't you take your freaky a$$ over to where he is and you stand by him, and do us all a favor and stfu!
+7 #99 RE: Found out Boyfriend is a PedophileSweetPea 2011-04-06 09:07
There is nothing good or right about this man. I was married to a ped. and they are very good at hiding it. I knew something was wrong but couldn't figure out what it was. He was sick and for a long time I wondered what was wrong with me. He showed NO interest in me and a couple of years after the divorce he was caught in the act with a small child. I realized that the only love I ever had for him was fabricated in my mind, because he WAS NOT the person I believed he was. Shame on him.
-88 #98 RE: Found out Boyfriend is a PedophileCharles 2011-03-23 04:52
You disgust me. In his time of need you abandoned him. No wonder he did not want to marry you. He knew that he could not depend on you to stick by him through thick and thin. You deserve to be alone. You make me sick.

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