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Sean and I dated for a while when I ended up finding out he cheated on me. When Regina (the "other" girl) found out about me she came to my house and proceeded to tell me how he was two timing us. I didn't want to believe it at first but she convinced me by showing me proof like pictures of the two of them and texts from him.


Sean started dating her about a year into our relationship. She did not know about me either. He carried on two simultaneous relationships and got away with it until she got suspicious. She followed him to the house one day and realized he lied about who he was living with. When she confronted him, he first told her I was his roommate and that nothing was going on between us.

After lots of spying on her part she knew that he was lying and demanded he come clean. Sean came up with an elaborate story of how we used to date and when he broke up with me I had nowhere to go and I was having trouble getting my own place. None of that was true. He was trying to get her to believe that we were just friends.

two-timing-boyfriendRegina told me it just didn't sit well with her and she wanted to get to the bottom of what was really going on. All along, I did not suspect anything. I was busy with school and work so my time with Sean was very limited. I have never been the jealous type so I did not go through his stuff because I felt I could trust him.

When she came and informed me of Sean's actions I had no intention of staying with a two timing boyfriend. We both decided to confront him that very day so she came back around the time he gets home form work. He was in total shock when he saw her sitting at the table with me. Even though I wanted to wring his neck, I restrained myself and handled myself a lot more calmly than I thought was possible after finding out I've been cheated on.

To make a long story short…I left him and so did Regina. Sean went from having two girlfriends to having none. He did try to get back with me but I wasn't going to take him back after he betrayed me like that. The good part that came out of this situation is Regina and I are the best of friends now. So in the end, I lost a two timing boyfriend and gained a terrific new friend. 



0 #35 SweetTerri Houston 2011-06-02 12:27
This sounds like a movie! lol I loved that you guys were strong and gave him the shock of his life! but if that were me I would have got with his other girlfriend and beat the living s*it out of him! And one thing you must learn, it's ok to be nosy! lol That's how you find stuff out like that.
+10 #34 Reverend JanJan 2011-06-01 06:31
First, I want to applaud the two women involved in this story for banding together and becoming friends! You are two wonderfully strong women who deserve so much better than this scumbag. You will find someone MUCH better! BOTH OF YOU!

Now to the idiot who said that if they had KEPT HIM HAPPY HE WOULDN"T HAVE STRAYED? YOU are such a self serving low life idiodic piece of lifeless garbage someone should put you out on an island where you can't bother intelligent people with your babbling barrage of stupidity! WHAT ABOUT HIS RESPONISIBILITY TO HIS RELATIONSHIP! LADIES IF THIS WAS YOUR MAN'S Comment, LEAVE NOW! JUST PACK UP AND GO! AS FAST AS YOU CAN! BECAUSE THIS MAN IS NO BETTER THAN THE ONE IN THE ARTICLE!
Take it from a 50 year old woman who has lived and experienced a lot in my half century!
-16 #33 BossRufus M 2011-05-31 12:54
Lame story, I feel so much stupider for reading it. If you kept him happy in oral, he wouldn't have cheated.
+3 #32 Two Timing BoyfriendBrittanie 2011-05-30 10:31
What a jerk...LHH it's a good thing you kept your cool. Don't wanna look like a crazy person cuz I know if I was in that situation I might be friends with her but I would be in jail, cuz I would've rung his neck. Men these days just don't know how to treat a woman.
+4 #31 RE: Two timing boyfriendMeganmcd 2011-05-30 06:06
WOW, I'd be so mad. But for what you got from him, a new best friend, I say it's a good thing! One day you'll find ''the guy'' or ''the one''. Everyone does. But for the fact you got one hell of a friendship out of a horrible thing, it's a blessing :)
+8 #30 RE: Two timing boyfriendMary R 2011-05-27 06:56
Remember......What goes around....comes around! This is a true statement. You will have a better life even though it may hurt for a little while. I went through this myself. Makes you a stronger and better person. We grow through life's experiences.
-8 #29 RE: Two timing boyfriendBaracus 2011-05-27 06:03
Well, obviously if he had both of you at the same time he will have no problem finding another one.
-6 #28 RE: Two timing boyfriendbigjohn 2011-05-27 06:01
Sorry to hear but that's life honey you need move on & get a new life and stop living in the past for god sakes. You think you're the only one that has had this happen?
+2 #27 RE: Two timing boyfriendKaty2 2011-05-27 06:00
I am sorry for that. There are many men that cheat/molest. The only thing I can think is God created Men to take the family and love his family like Christ loves the church and would die for the family. Satan attacks the sexuality part as to exploit the family so he cannot raise/love his family like Christ loves us soo..... If the families are broken there is no healing/forgiveness where is God?? Every knee shall bow and tounge confess He is Lord, eventually!! Lol.

Take care and I will be thinking and praying about all the women/men out there lying and breaking peoples hearts. Stay strong!! And glad to hear you found a good honest friend!!
+8 #26 RE: Two timing boyfriendMark 2011-05-27 05:59
Nice story! Really good that you two wised up… The only thing that remains is for the both of you to look at what was YOUR part in allowing that situation to be created – it would be wimping out on yourselves if you miss the opportunity to learn about yourselves so you are not in the same position ever again.

Here’s an interesting twist to consider: since you two are now the best of friends, have you ever considered being intimate with the same guy together? You’ve done it separately, so why not reach just a little bit more?

I am curious, what was the point of putting your story up as there is no real way to identify him, so it doesn’t seem that was your motive… Would you mind sharing what was your motive?

Anyways, I mostly wanted to say “Nicely Done!”

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